Major Thunderstorms Flood Miami Streets

Parts of southern Florida saw flooding today as major thunderstorms brought wind and rain to the area on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015. (@hollybhunt/

A major Thunderstorm that struck Parts of Miami, Opa-Locka and Hallandale resulted in Florida seeing up to 6 inches of rain Saturday after major flooding the area, leaving entire neighborhoods underwater, according to The Miami Herald. The thunderstorms and winds up to 50 mph began shortly after 10 a.m. and continued through the afternoon, flooding roads and making travel nearly impossible. “Over an inch of rain fell at the Miami International Airport on Saturday, “ said meteorologist Chrissy Warrilow. “In fact, 1.09 inches fell, which is 1.01 inches above average for today. Just 30 miles north, Fort Lauderdale picked up 2.23 inches, which is 2.15 inches above average.” FULL REPORT