Leftists go ballistic over Phil Robertson’s remarks broadcast on Trunews“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s is going viral yet again, this time for detailing an imagined scene while speaking at a prayer breakfast in Florida. Talking Points Memo, a political blog and journalism site, posted March 24 that Robertson told the story during a speech Friday (March 20). Robertson’s speech was broadcast by the conservative radio program TruNews, but the left-leaning site Right Wing Watch drew attention to the particular excerpt in question. In the speech, Robertson uses a graphic scenario to explain that, without Christianity, people would have no reason to be decent human beings. Robertson has previously made headlines for making anti-gay statements, calling STDs and AIDS a punishment from God for immorality and other statements that once had him booted from the popular A&E TV show that brought the Monroe family to fame. Here’s a transcript of what Robertson said, or you can listen below, but note that he used vivid descriptions of violence, so skip the italicized portion if you’d like to avoid reading it. If you’d rather listen to the audio, the specific excerpt begins about 30 seconds into the recording.  FULL REPORT