ISIS Orders Assyrian Christian Hostages to Convert to Islam, but All Boldly Refuse to Deny Jesus ChristHere in America we have people turning away from God from being offended by their pastor, Not being chose to sing in the choir or not considered popular at work, Meanwhile believers in the Mideast are faced with renouncing Christ or death! A new report from the Christian Post indicates that two of the 200-plus Assyrian hostages kidnapped by the Islamic State during an assault on Christian villages along Syria’s Khabur River in February have provided insight into their abduction in recent interviews where one revealed that the ISIS militants tried to force the Christian hostages to convert to Islam, but the captives boldly refused.  The report indicated that On Feb. 23, the terrorist group raided approximately 35 different Christian villages in the Hasakah province and abducted somewhere between 263 to 373 men, women and children, according to the Assyrian International News Agency. But about a week after the raids, ISIS released a handful of hostages on March 1. FULL REPORT