100,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in Fuzesgyarmat, HungaryReports out of Hungary indicate that at least 100,000 ducks were killed at a poultry farm in Fuzesgyarmat, a town in southeastern Hungary, after bird flu was discovered there, wire service MTI reported on Monday. Reports indicate that This flu, type H5N8, is not known to have infected humans. National chief veterinarian Lajos Bognar told MTI that the bird flu was found on only a single farm in Bekes County, albeit at all four of its sites. All birds on the farm, more than 100,000 ducks, were culled over the weekend and disinfection would take most of the week, Bognar said. A 3 km-deep protected area and a 10 sq km area of observation have been set up around the farm. Animals on all farms within 3 km are undergoing thorough and repeated testing, and all poultry shipments from a 10 km area have been restricted. FULL REPORT