Razor-Wire-FenceConstruction on one of several field clinics being built by the American military in Liberia is currently underway, but media reports indicate that it looks much more like a prison than an actual hospital for Ebola patients. The Daily Mail reveals that U.S. soldiers were busy installing razor wire fencing, the purpose of which is unknown, earlier in the week around the vacant outpost near the airport in Monrovia. Disconcerting photographs of the effort show long strands of dual-layered, razor wire coils being attached to ground posts all around the property, which thus far appears vacant. Soldiers can be seen hammering the posts into visibly moist ground, the consequence of torrential rains that have embattled the area for many days. Nobody seems to know exactly what the purpose of the fencing is at this point. Some suspect it may be to prevent looters from ransacking the property, while others say it could be meant to keep Ebola patients under lockdown. Either way, the published images of the fencing are disturbingly reminiscent of what was once constructed around wartime internment camps to keep prisoners from escaping. More