1412722615913_wps_13_Murderous_Death_Clowns_StIt’s the dead of night on a chilly October evening. You drive down a deserted street in Wasco, California — the isolation of it all sending shivers up your spine. Then you see him: a white mask, unruly bright-red hair, eyes like black pools of death staring coldly at you. His yellow jumpsuit shines with light from the only lamp nearby, the multicolored balloons he holds floating lazily above his creepy face. The murderous clown looks at you, swinging back and forth on his mechanic toy unicorn, a frightening smile frozen on his pale face. Such has been the scene in this small town between Los Angeles and San Francisco, where since October 1 local residents have reported sightings of evil clowns roaming creepily down their streets. Props and costumes change routinely, leading some to believe there is a menacing gang of bandits dressing up like the clowns from everyone’s nightmares. More