80a2f9cc3b442b36d136be31aea171dcA loud boom that rattled both the ground and residents of Louisiana and shook the earth around 4:30 p.m. Monday – thought by some to be a sonic UFO, others to be meteorite slamming into the ground – has yet to be identified. The National Weather Service has reported that a dense debris field, over 1,000 high, had been spotted in the area near Shreveport, where the boom was heard. Shreveport residents who described the noise said it sounded like a sonic boom. Local affiliate Fox8Live on Oct. 15 reported that the “radar image appears similar to the debris field that was seen as a result of the explosion at [Louisiana National Guard’s] Camp Minden in October 2012. Only this time, it appeared to originate in an area south of Wallace Lake in extreme northern DeSoto Parish, east of I-49.” According to reports, residents said the boom rattled their walls and windows. Others said the reverberations knocked items off of their shelves. Meteorologist Marty Mayeaux said the boom was not the result of a lightning strike, and that the debris field would have been visible for a few hours Monday. Yet no residents have come forward to indicate they saw any rising smoke or ash. More