Health Care Worker In Dallas Tests Positive For Ebola VirusHealth officials are now monitoring 125 people who had either definite or possible exposure to the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is monitoring 11 people who had contact with and 114 people who may have had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, who died from Ebola on Oct. 8. None of the 125 people being monitored are showing symptoms of Ebola, WFAA reported. Of the 125, 48 have been monitored since before Sept. 28, which is when Duncan was admitted to the hospital with Ebola. Of the 76 additional people who were added to the CDC’s monitoring list, 75 are people who worked in the hospital and cared for Duncan while he was sick, and one is someone who had contact with Nina Pham, the nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola after caring for Duncan, the New York Times reported. More