101314_EboladocThe CDC maintains the Ebola virus can only be spread through contact with bodily fluids. One doctor, however, told Gretchen Carlson today that it’s time to start preparing for the possibility that the virus could start spreading by air.  Dr. David Sanders, top Ebola virologist and Purdue University professor of biological science, explained that a very closely related virus is known to spread among animals via the air.  Sanders also pointed to the way in which the virus enters the body.  “Our own research shows that Ebola Zaire enters human lung cells from the airway side. So it has the inherent capacity to enter the lung from the airway. I’m not saying that there’s any evidence that the current spread is due to anything but bodily fluid contact, but we have to consider the possibility that it can enter through an airway route,” said Sanders, adding that the virus can “morph” or “mutate” as the outbreak continues in Africa. He recommended that more regional centers be set up, with “robust training” for the workers in those locations to deal with Ebola patients. More