Statues-idolsHave you ever asked yourself as a church leader, do I worship something or someone other than God? It’s a great question to ask and a great heart check. I’ll stick my neck out and suggest that you do have idols you worship instead of God. At least I do. Once you identify them and root them out, you’ll become a better leader.  I get challenged about my personal and leadership idols every year when I read through the middle part of the book of Isaiah. Chapter 44, for example, is all about the futility of worshipping idols, which in those days were mostly wood or stone carvings. So what’s an idol today? You don’t need wood or stone to create one. An idol is anything that takes our focus and reliance off of God. John Calvin was dead on when he said, “Man’s nature, so to speak, is a perpetual factory of idols.” Discard one, and you’ll simply create another. More