2_272014_arizona-gay-rights-2-28201_s640x498The uproar over the religious freedom bill vetoed Wednesday by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is expected to have a chilling effect on the handful of similar bills making their way through other state legislatures. Attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union said they were cheered by the veto during a telephone press briefing Thursday, calling it a “thrilling day for equality,” but said that they’re keeping an eye on bills in other states, including Georgia, Mississippi and Missouri. “These proposals would create a license to discriminate,” said Rose Saxe, senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s LGBT Project. “A significant majority of them are not about cakes and wedding services, as the other side would have us think, but are actually about all aspects of LGBT people’s lives.” At least seven other states have seen similar bills either killed or withdrawn this year. The most prominent was a Kansas bill that would have allowed business owners to refuse service to customers based on their religious beliefs, which stalled in the state Senate after a similar outcry from gay rights groups. More