Grach-Episcopal-Church-Pine-BluffThe Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas has dismissed a priest who recently revealed he is transgender. Reverend Greg Fry was born a man but told members she will now live life as a woman. Fry now wants to be called Gwen. Church leaders met with the congregation and Fry and decided it would be best to dissolve Fry’s relationship with the members:  Dear Greg and members of the vestry: The announcement by your priest-in-charge that he is transgender has resulted in our church taking a look at gender in ways that would not have likely ocurred in a previous generation. It is a situation that our society and culture are looking at as well, and in that the church ministers in the context of the culture in which we are placed, it is only natural that such a discussion will take place in the church. Initial conversations are often difficult, as all of you at Grace Church have discovered. I am convinced that in the long run, open and loving conversations lead to increased health for us as individuals and as congregations, and they promote the mission of the church to restore our unity with one another and with God. More