Steve PierceArizona state Sen. Steve Pierce (R) was one of the lawmakers who voted to pass SB 1062, a controversial bill that would allow businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples. He is now saying he made a mistake in supporting the legislation and wants the governor to veto it. “I screwed up,” he told Capitol Media Services Sunday. “I’m trying to make it right.” On Saturday, Pierce also said he didn’t like the image and attention Arizona was getting because of the bill. “I don’t like the negative picture of Arizona, and I’m on board asking the governor to veto the bill,” Pierce told the Daily Courier. He added, however, that he didn’t like calling the bill “anti-gay.” “To say [the bill is] anti-gay is following the feeding frenzy,” Pierce said. “I have friends that are gay and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt them. This is blown way out of proportion and it’s too bad.” More