(OPINION) A “tall, skinny alien creature with greenish color” that was about eight to 10 feet tall was reportedly hiding behind a forklift in a Las Vegas family’s backyard after a potential UFO crashed overnight April 30/May 1.

“I looked at it in the eyes, and my body just froze like having sleep paralysis,” a witness, who didn’t give his name, said in a YouTube video. “He had a weird-looking face, big feet and big shiny eyes and a big mouth. “I can hear its loud, deep breathing and its stomach kept moving. He would just stare at me, and seconds later, I could move again.”

He called 911 at 12:25 a.m. on May 1 and told the dispatcher that large creatures were in his backyard. “They’re not human. 100 percent they’re not human,” he told the 911 dispatcher in an audio recording. “I swear to god it’s not a joke. It’s actually real.”


According to Fox News, Las Vegas police followed up on the call after a different officer’s bodycam – dated April 30, 11:50 p.m. – captured a glowing, green light streak across the sky from the top right corner until it appeared to crash and disappear in the distance.

At least 21 people across eastern California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah reported seeing the glowing, green light, according to the American Meteor Society.

A witness, who was seen in the responding officer’s bodycam, told his story in a YouTube video under the username Alien Society51 and shared pieces of the bodycam footage, a neighbor’s doorbell camera that captured the loud bang and aftershock, and a picture of a “perfect” circle in his backyard purportedly left behind the aircraft.

The witness said he and his brother were working on his car in their backyard around midnight on May 1 when he heard something fall from the sky.

“I turned around and saw a big light falling from the sky and moments after, I felt a big impact and a bang … when the impact happened, it was like a shockwave,” he said.

“It was all blurry. Not my vision, only the backyard, and I heard thousands of footsteps around me. A couple seconds later, the footsteps were gone.”


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