Scientists are developing AI so advanced it could be compared to a “digital brain” that may be even better than the human mind – and we should be terrified, according to one insider. Kevin Baragona, founder of DeepAI, warned rapidly growing superhuman intelligence systems will usher in a new kind of future – and it is one that “should terrify you”.

For a man who has staked his livelihood and a decade of his life on generative artificial intelligence, it might seem unusual to hear him calling for a crackdown on the technology he helped develop.

And yet, the tech whizz has joined the growing chorus of Silicon Valley doomsayers who are trying to expose both the immediate and existential threats the software poses to our futures.


According to TheSun, Kevin compared the rapid development of advanced generative AI – interconnected machine learning tools that can be used to produce art, music, and even ideas – to “growing a digital brain”.

And just like how we don’t yet fully understand the human mind, we may get to a point where we no longer understand AI. “If we create computers smarter than humans, then what’s left for humans? said Kevin, in a grim vision of the future.

And he warned the battlelines are being drawn, with two warring camps inside the big tech industry – with “Team Accelerate” and “Team Regulation”.

He warned the rapid development of AI – which is being popularised by tools such as the highly restricted ChatGPT – is comparable to the danger posed by nuclear weapons. The technology is developing “too fast for its own good”, said Kevin.

And the fear is that these AI minds will soon reach smarter-than-human intelligence levels, and can we even survive this? It sounds like it’s straight out of a sci-fi film, but Kevin is incredibly serious.

Kevin told The Sun Online: “We’re so good at it, that it’s already doing many of the same things a human brain can do. “There is not going to be a battle between nations but a battle between AI and humanity,” he warned.

A veteran in the generative AI world, Kevin has the inside scoop on how the development of big tech’s golden goose “is happening too fast for its own good.”

This is the “nuclear weapon of software” he said, and it is being released carelessly into the wild. Generative AI systems are exceeding all estimates in how quickly they are training themselves to harness even more data and use increasingly sophisticated algorithms.


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