(OPINION) In case you haven’t noticed it appears that something big is on the horizon and there are some breadcrumbs being laid out to give us clues of what it will possibly look like, or should I say what they want us to believe will be the main cause.

A recent report indicated that because of “growing concerns of security risks” to members of US Congress, more than 50 senators were recently issued satellite phones for emergency communication.

The report indicated that this technology has been offered to all 100 senators. In testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee last month, Senate Sergeant at Arms Karen Gibson said satellite communication is being deployed “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event.”


According to Yahoo News, Gibson stated that these phones are a security backstop in the case of an emergency that “takes out communications” in part of America. Federal funding will pay for the satellite airtime needed to utilize the phone devices.

So we see here that it appears that the US Government seems to be anticipating and actively preparing for some type of “disaster” or “disruptive event” that would risk the security of members of Congress and could even take out communications.

So what could such an event be? Although we could list numerous possible events that could take place I want to focus on just three possible scenarios, simply because these three events seem to be discussed more than any other scenario as of lately.

1- Civil Unrest – A new report just came out indicating that the US is allegedly at an increased risk of domestic terror attacks by right-wing “lone wolf” actors. I know you are shocked that it would be from the “Right Wing” right?

I mean isn’t it always? (Sarcasm) Of course, this new warning is coming from the so-called experts. who claim that inflammatory Republican rhetoric centered around a variety of issues will continue ahead of the 2024 election and could produce such an event.

The cited source for this claim lists recent attacks by these individuals ranging from the Church shooting in South Carolina by a white supremacist who killed nine people, and a white supremacist who killed 10 Black people at a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

Then we have the recent report regarding 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used as both fertilizer and a component in explosives, which went missing as it was shipped by rail from Wyoming to California last month, prompting four separate investigations according to KQED.

Could this be what the US Government is preparing for? Could there be a much larger event soon that would even risk knocking out communications and producing absolute chaos in American streets?

2- Major Cyber Attack – Another possible scenario is a major cyber attack that is looming that will knock out major US infrastructure. Some have even warned and speculated that multiple dry runs have already been carried out with the recent groundings of all the flights across the US and even some parts of Europe that experienced systemwide outages that causes all flights to be grounded across the US producing the largest grounding of airlines since 9/11.

Of course, we were all told that the source of the outages was a Federal Aviation Administration system outage. Cybersecurity experts have been issuing an urgent warning regarding critical U.S. infrastructure security breaches and shutdowns and how they could soon be taken down in the near future.

A former C.I.A. hacker turned cybersecurity analyst says the government must act before it’s too late. Was the computer network failure that recently grounded all U.S. air traffic for the first time since 9/11 human error or a cyberattack? While the Federal Aviation Administration insists human error led to the outage, Canada experienced a computer outage the same day.

“This is what I would categorize as highly suspicious because these systems have redundancy, they have backups, they have ways to be able to recover,” explained cybersecurity expert Eric Cole, C.E.O. of Secure Anchor.

“So when I hear that there was a database error and then, as you said, there were two different systems that went down on the same time. I’m like, okay, say it was human error. Keeps everyone calm, but in reality, it really does sound like a cyberattack and that something went wrong that was unplanned,” Cole said.

So how likely then is another shutdown or a cyberattack not only against an antiquated FAA computer network but other critical government networks – just how vulnerable are they?

“Unfortunately, they are very vulnerable. For that reason, you said these are old systems. They’re not typically updated. They’re not typically patched. And the big problem is they’re starting to be interconnected.

And that’s where the problem comes in. These systems were designed and built to be what we call in cybersecurity, an air gap, which means completely isolated from any other system or the Internet,” Cole said

. “But what’s been happening over the last year or two is they’re interconnecting these to the Internet and other systems to make them easier to use. And because of that, this, to me, is just the beginning. And this year, we’re going to see a lot more of these attacks happening because of that.”

Microsoft just warned last week that Chinese state-sponsored hackers had compromised “critical” U.S. cyber infrastructure across numerous industries with a focus on gathering intelligence.

3- Major Solar Storm – The last scenario has also been warned about for quite some time now and that is a catastrophic solar storm that could wipe out communications and the power grid knocking us back into the 1800s.

Solar storms can induce strong electric currents in power lines, transformers, and other electrical infrastructure. These induced currents can overload and damage equipment, leading to power outages.

It can also cause fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field, which in turn induce voltage fluctuations in power transmission lines. These voltage instabilities can stress and damage sensitive equipment connected to the grid. The intense electromagnetic energy from solar storms can cause transformers to overheat or malfunction.

Transformers play a crucial role in stepping up or stepping down the voltage levels for efficient power transmission and distribution. If a large number of transformers are damaged simultaneously, it could result in widespread and prolonged power outages.

Such an event could also cause rapid and significant voltage variations in power grids. These fluctuations can lead to voltage collapse, where the voltage levels drop below acceptable thresholds. Voltage collapse can result in blackouts and damage to electrical appliances.

The interference with radio signals and disruption of communication systems would also be inevitable as well. This can impact the ability of power grid operators to coordinate and respond to the situation effectively, potentially delaying restoration efforts.

Even more disturbing is the fact that NASA recently revealed that humanity would have only a 30-minute warning before a killer solar storm struck Earth. On September 1-2, 1859, a massive solar flare erupted on the Sun, releasing an enormous amount of energy in the form of a coronal mass ejection (CME). The CME traveled towards Earth at an accelerated pace, reaching our planet within about 17.6 hours, which is unusually fast for such events.

As the CME collided with the Earth’s magnetosphere, it triggered intense geomagnetic storms. These storms caused widespread disruptions and phenomena, including Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis which were observed as far south as the Caribbean and Central America, while in the northern hemisphere, they were visible as far south as Hawaii and Mexico.

The storm also caused the telegraph system to collapse which was a major means of long-distance communication at that time, and was severely affected. Telegraph operators reported receiving electric shocks, telegraph lines became electrified, and some offices even experienced telegraph equipment catching fire.

However, this disruption also allowed messages to be transmitted without the need for batteries, as the electrified lines provided their own power source. The storm also produced the disruption of navigation systems affecting navigational instruments such as compasses used by mariners and surveyors.

If such an event were to happen on this scale again in our lifetime, we would get very little warning and the outcome would be catastrophic.  Any one of these three scenarios could absolutely produce a “disruptive event” and cause communications to be taken out and we should all be prepared as much as possible in the practical and the spiritual.

Make sure you’ve done what you can and need to do to prepare you and your household in the event that something were to take place that caused mass disruptions of society and in the event communications are severed we need to know how to maintain communications with our loved ones. I have always said, “I would rather be prepared for nothing than be unprepared for something.”


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