(OPINION) CBN News reported that Christian singer Michael W. Smith believes “something’s happening” regarding revival and spirituality, referencing the many moves of God he sees unfolding in culture right now.

“God is on the move,” he told Christian Headlines. “I’m so grateful that I’m alive to get to see it.” Smith, who was recently in Vietnam performing at the Spring Love Festival, said he also sees signs of spiritual resurgence unfolding across the globe.

But he specifically pointed to numerous events in America that have him intrigued, including the popularity of “The Chosen” and the viral revivals that broke out on college campuses last month.


Smith said he’s open to being mistaken but believes an awakening could be unfolding before the world’s eyes. “I could be wrong … [but] I think it’s happening,” he told Christian Headlines. “I think what we’ve prayed for so long is actually happening. … There’s this resurgence of faith.”

Smith said something similar in an Instagram post earlier this month promoting a recent revival event held at the Rupp arena. “It’s happening! Something has shifted,” the singer wrote. “So many of us have prayed for this for so very long. Let it be so!”

Thousands of Vietnamese attended the “Spring Love Festival” earlier this month at an outdoor field in Ho Chi Minh City, with Franklin Graham preaching and Michael W. Smith and other artists leading worship in song. More than 300 local churches participated.

According to Christian Headlines, In April, Smith will perform in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. Smith posted a video on his Instagram account of thousands of Vietnamese singing the lyrics to the popular praise song Waymaker. Some of them sang in English while others sang in Vietnamese, he said.

It was a “bit overwhelming,” he said, to hear the Vietnamese crowd sing, in unison, music he had recorded. He wrote on social media: “God is on the move.”

A news release from Graham’s organization said it was the first time the Vietnamese government “has given permission for an evangelistic outreach with a foreign speaker to be held outside of a religious holiday.” It is edifying, Smith said, to worship with Christians in other countries.


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