(OPINION) Moviegoers flooded social media with footage of mass deliverances occurring in theaters across the United States this week after audiences viewed the new film “Come Out in Jesus Name.”

“Come Out in Jesus Name” debuted in theaters nationwide Monday and follows Pastor Greg Locke who rallied together well-known deliverance ministers Alexander Pagani, YouTube preachers Isaiah Saldivar, Pastor Mike Signorelli, Vladimir Savchuck and Daniel Adams as they model Jesus’ ministry of deliverance as described in the New Testament.

Once a self-described cessationist, Locke now fully embraces the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the film encourages believers to embrace their authority in Christ Jesus to free themselves and others of demonic oppression or possession.


According to the Christian Post, At the end of the film, Locke held a live mass deliverance alter call that was streamed at nearly 2,000 theaters. As Christian, we all want to spend our money in a way that supports our beliefs. But it can be hard to find businesses with the transparency or trust that allow us to do that. That’s why we’ve partnered with Medi-Share. Learn More

“I just wanted to go for it and I thought it would probably be the biggest thing I could ask for the movie theater industry to allow me to do, and when they said, ‘Yeah, we don’t know anything about it. But let’s go,’ I knew that was an open door,” Locke told The Christian Post on Tuesday.

“This is a historic church moment,” he added. “This has never happened! It’s almost like God says, ‘OK, you want to run my spirit out of church? Well, I’m going to take you into a movie theater.”

The senior pastor of Global Vision Bible Church said he and his team received tens of thousands of testimonies from people all over the nation about how they received deliverance following the film’s release.

“We went to bed crying; we woke up crying,” Locke shared. “It’s just unbelievable to see the video footage. Crazy. I’m kind of numb at this moment it was it was so successful.”

Pagani shared a video with CP of a young woman screaming in torment wanting freedom in Jesus’ name as he commanded the unclean spirit to come “out” in Jesus’ name.

Pastor David Miller from Church Tsidkenu in Merrimack, New Hampshire, told CP he felt like he, as a ministry leader, needed to spring into action when people in a local theater started to manifest demons following the movie.

“During the mass deliverance, one girl began to cry. I didn’t respond immediately. After a few minutes, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to find and pray for her,” Miller said. “I did and began to cast out a litany of demons.”

“She was in a violent manifestation for about 30 minutes before she was free. I later found out I was one of the few people in the theater who actually knew how to do deliverance despite the theater being full.”


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