Audio has been released of the moments before a US F-16 fighter jet shot down a UFO over Lake Huron with the pilots heard debating what on earth they are seeing. The object shot down on Sunday was the third strange object in the sky shot down in the past few days, with even top-ranking intelligence officials stumped as to what they could be.

A conversation heard between the pilots hurtling through the air reveals their confusion.  One is heard saying: “I wouldn’t really call it a balloon… I don’t know what… I can see it outside with my eyes.” Military officials later described the object as an “octagonal structure”.

After coming face to face with the object, one of the pilots also says: “I wouldn’t really call it a balloon. “I can see it outside with my eyes. Looks like something… there’s some kind of object that’s distended… it’s hard to tell, it’s pretty small,” he says.


In surreal exchanges, they then discuss what the weird object should be called. ‘I’m gonna call it like a container,” says one of the pilots. “Can’t really tell though what the shape is. The size of it, would be challenging, it’s so slow and so small, I just can’t see it.”

They also speculate how large the object is, with one describing it as “definitely smaller than a car”, while another is the same size as a “four-wheeler”.

The repeated sightings and shooting down of UFOs over United States airspace have captured the imagination of many UFO enthusiasts, with some believing extraterrestrials are behind them. (SOURCE)


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