The United States Geological Survey is reporting that a magnitude 5.4 earthquake shook much of west Texas around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. The quake struck west-southwest of Mentone, about 35 miles northwest of Pecos, at a depth of about 5.5 miles.

It was followed by four aftershocks, including a magnitude 3.8, a magnitude 3.4, a magnitude 2.8 and a magnitude 2.6. This is the third strongest earthquake ever to strike Texas, and the strongest since 1995. Other west Texas areas on the list of the strongest in state history include Fort Davis, Alpine and Loving County.

Some residents even reported feeling motion sickness from the quake, measured at a depth of 9.8km. Nearly an hour after the initial quake, USGS reported an aftershock of 2.6 at the same location, however a bit shallower at a depth of 5.9km. According to the USGS, a total of four aftershocks hit the region, the largest measuring 3.8.



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