Three visually stunning tornadoes have struck China over the last week, part of a series of natural disasters in the sprawling country of more than 1.4 billion people.

According to Accuweather, The latest tornado to be caught on camera in the country touched down on June 19 in the city of Foshan in Guangdong Province. The twister left behind a clear path of destruction as it pushed its way through a busy part of the city.

One video shows the tornado at an extraordinarily close range, with visible rotation and flying debris passing just feet from the cameraperson. Another video shows the storm from a higher angle, with sparks flying in the air as the large tornado damages electrical facilities.


The twister, which left behind EF1 damage according to Newsflare, ripped roofs from small buildings and damaged parked cars. The tornado’s winds, which reached up to 110 miles per hour, caused a large vehicle to flip onto its side and felled several trees and power lines, blocking local roads.

A dramatic video filmed in the Chinese megacity of Guangzhou, located in the southeastern province of Guangdong, shows a terrifyingly large twister tearing through buildings in the dark on June 16. As the tornado strikes a downtown train station, several small explosions are seen, with sparks being lifted into the sky by the rapidly rotating storm.

The tornado, illuminated by city lights and the explosions of transformers, is clearly visible from several perspectives in the darkness as it tears through the dense urban center. According to witnesses, the twister was on the ground for about three minutes.

As the tornado rampaged through the city, one man filming a video added his own colorful commentary. “It has a power cut. The huge tornado is moving along the track of Line 14. Wow, the sparks fly here and there! The Line 14 metro station is struck!” he said, according to a translation by Newsflare.

In the storm’s aftermath, Guangzhou residents took to the streets to survey the damage and begin cleaning up. Trees and scaffolding had collapsed into the street, and the tornado and strong winds associated with the storm knocked out power in the area. Amazingly, no storm-related casualties were reported.