A flight attendant reportedly spotted a V-shaped UFO flying above an Airbus A230 passenger jet. According to TheSun, The extraordinary footage was captured from the cockpit at 39,000ft by a sky-watching cabin crew member trying to take a snap of the Milky Way.

The anonymous steward shared the sighting with the popular YouTube account UFOMania, as both he and the captain “agreed they should remain anonymous”. The aircraft was said to have been flying over Georgia when the baffled staff member saw the spectacular display in the skies.

In the video – shot on an iPhone 13 Pro Max – the dark airspace was illuminated by an array of glowing lights. The flight attendant explained he began trying to “take a video of another aircraft flying just above us opposite direction at 40,000 ft” when he noticed the unusual object.


He continued: “As I was filming these aircraft fly over us, I noticed this V-shaped object appear. It appears to be between us and the other aircraft.” The awestruck mutterings of the airline crew can be faintly heard as they continue to watch the glimmering UFO.

He added that nothing had been reported to the Federal Aviation Administration or Air Traffic Control to explain the “strange” encounter. The clip was originally submitted to the online forum UFO Stalker, which regularly discusses unexplained sightings across the world.

It is believed to have been filmed in the early hours of Monday morning while the passenger plane passed over Georgia. UFO enthusiasts praised the flight attendant for managing to document the “great” sighting while others joked the colors resembled traffic lights. One commented: “Take me take me, Mr. UFO!” FULL REPORT


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