President Biden’s push for COVID-19 vaccine mandates continues to undermine hospital staffing across the country with some nurses and other medical workers choosing to retire early or simply quit their jobs.

Maternity wards have made headlines for not being able to keep enough experienced nurses on staff which has led them to temporarily stop delivering babies. A hospital in Texas is the latest to announce it soon may not have enough staff to deliver babies.

Lewis County General Hospital in upstate New York announced earlier this month that it would suspend the delivery of babies until after September 24. A total of 30 hospital workers resigned over the vaccine mandate.

The fear of having to halt patient care is also a concern for Adam Willmann, CEO of Goodall-Witcher Hospital in Clifton, Texas as the federal mandate will soon require its staff to be vaccinated, NPR reports. “They are also near retirement age and a few of them have already voiced that, ‘I will just retire,'” Willmann said.

“And then a couple other nurses said, ‘Well, I’ll just go work for my husband’s construction company.'” Willmann has encouraged all 250 employees to get vaccinated and the hospital has a 70 percent staff vaccination rate. However, it’s not enough for the mandate. READ MORE

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