Justine Ang Fonte, a former teacher at Dalton School in Manhattan, New York, says she quit her job after her bosses didn’t support her when parents complained about graphic sex education and masturbation lessons to 6-year-old children. Fonte — a “health and wellness” educator — came under fire in June after her video lessons went into great detail about prepubescent children touching themselves in an intimate manner.

During the lessons, Fonte also showed children a video featuring cartoon characters discussing erections, masturbation, and more and specifically detailed intimate parts such as a woman’s clitoris. Her lessons also reportedly included instruction on gender identity and consent.

Following the outcry, Fonte resigned from her $55,000-per-year position at the elite school. The teacher, who also worked for elite Columbia Prep, recently came under fire for her pornography, kink, and BDSM lessons to high school students. Parents say that Fonte never received parental consent to discuss such topics in class.


Following the outcry, Columbia Prep’s head issued a formal apology to parents. Fonte told the New York Times for a Wednesday report that she quit her job because bosses “[failed] to back me up” amid the outcry over her lessons, which she said “cost me my safety.”

The controversial educator now said she stands by her lessons and hopes to “equip” her students “with a way that they can exercise body agency and consent by knowing exactly what those parts are, what they are called, and how to take care of them. READ MORE

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