(OPINION) – Is the rapture imminent? The idea of an imminent rapture portrays a weak Lord. I find it difficult to comprehend how Christianity could ever accept God as weak. If true, any possible perceived weakness would be a projection by mankind, based on our own weaknesses; this saddens God.

When I share that the rapture is designed by God to be a grand visual event, to be witnessed by the entire world, I am often told I am wrong. Some even reject me out of hand without the courtesy of hearing me out. This is not my story; it is God’s! The Bible shares dozens of verses confirming the rapture is not coming in secret at any moment.

In Episode 1, I explained how Isaiah 61:1-2 and Luke 4:16-21 tell us the shout Jesus will make at His next arrival, which occurs in the clouds according to 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. It is not the rapture; it is something far more spectacular. The Lord’s main purpose for returning is for His Jews! The Lord’s shout will then immediately trigger the rapture’s “calling up” by the second entity that we are told arrives with Jesus.


The Lord’s return in the clouds will be the most incredible day the world will have ever witnessed to that point. For born-again Christians, this day will be awesome, for a larger group, terrifying!

Nothing in the Bible indicates the rapture is designed to arrive secretly and—poof—we are mysteriously gone. God tells us He has a greater plan for His spectacular day. This coming day will be so exciting that it will put all the epic movies by Cecil B. DeMille to shame. God’s story is so incredible it will take me six podcast episodes to share with you what God intends to do on His special day. Listen to my podcast, 24 End Time Prophecies, on Charisma Podcast Network.

The entire world will be spellbound by what they will witness on this one day. God offers believers a crown reward if we understand something He wants us to do, at one special moment on this day. When I learned the entire story about God’s divine end-times plans for this one special day, I was Stunned. Major blessings for born-again believers and the Jews are about to arrive.

I offer two books on God’s 24 end-times prophecies. The first, my novel The Pastor of the Last Days, is an easy and exciting read. In two 4-hour sessions on a weekend, you can become well versed in all 24 end-times events. CONTINUE

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