(OPINION) – Long-time actor Jon Voight recently shared details about a time in his life when things weren’t going so well, but after an encounter with God, he began to rethink his sense of purpose. “I was in a lot of trouble at one point. I had some problems and I was really suffering for many reasons,” Voight said during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “My career was influx at that time and lots of things were going on at the time. My relationship to my kids and my wife.”

Voight explained, “I was on the floor, I found myself on the floor saying, ‘It’s so difficult. It’s so difficult’… I said it out loud. And I heard in my ear, ‘It’s supposed to be difficult.'” The 82-year-old said that he got up and briefly reflected on the incident, describing it as “a voice of wisdom, kindness, clarity … it has so much resonance, this voice.


“At that time I knew what it meant. I’m not alone. Everything is known … I am known. That’s what it meant to me. I felt this tremendous energy,” he said. “Somebody’s rooting for me. It’s like, don’t give up. There’s a purpose here. You’ve got a ways to go son. And I felt great.”

Voight continued, “I’m not a person who really prays with the idea that anybody’s listening – up to that moment. Now I know that we’re covered. Everything we think, everything we say … everything, you’re known. Like they say God knows every bird that falls, this is us too. We all are known. We’re being observed and helped and loved. And we’re expected to get up and do battle, do something, do what’s right … whatever it is. MORE

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