(OPINION) ETH – Conservative commentator Steven Crowder is taking YouTube to court over its content practices and policies which he says are used to silence conservative voices. The Daily Wire reports Crowder announced his lawsuit against the social media platform on Monday during his show “Louder on Crowder.”

“As of last Thursday, May 14, my lawyer Bill Richmond and I have filed a notice of a lawsuit against YouTube and are seeking an injunction to prevent them, to stop them from currently deplatforming us,” Crowder said. “We’ve officially sent a notice of a lawsuit. Very different level – this is the big one, boys and girls.”

As CBN News reported in March, YouTube removed Crowder’s channel from its partner program indefinitely, which will not allow him to make money from ads running with his videos.


The social media platform removed Crowder’s video from March 16 containing references about black farmers and slavery. The company said the video violated its COVID-19 misinformation policy and not its policy concerning hate speech, according to HITC.com.

YouTube also banned Crowder for uploading a now-deleted video which reportedly challenged the legitimacy of the election in Nevada. The company has a policy against posting videos that claim there was fraud in the presidential election.

The second strike against him reportedly came in April over Crowder’s comments about a Columbus, Ohio police shooting in which an officer shot and killed black teen Ma’Khia Bryant as she was trying to stab another girl. YouTube said Crowder was “reveling in or mocking” the black girl’s death. READ MORE

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