(ETH) – Not only does New Jersey have billions of cicadas to be concerned about this Spring but also an infestation of snakes. And the hits just keep on coming. According to a recent report, as these cicadas emerge so will come venomous copperhead snakes as well. These snakes are typically reclusive but the massive number of cicadas is expected to bring them out in unusually large numbers


The report states that these snakes will be looking for these cicadas as a source of food and that the 17th year cyclical emergence of these insects will provide a buffet for predators, including the venomous copperhead, which lives in New Jersey.

Billions of cicadas are expected to emerge from their 17-year hibernation in the month of May throughout 15 states across the United States. According to the report, cicadas are part of Brood X, which is the largest and most widely distributed brood of the insects and with them comes snakes that will be hunting them.

The 17-year cycle takes place by the cicadas mating and the females (who don’t make noise) lay eggs and then will die. Once the eggs hatch, the young cicadas will then burrow into the ground, and this cycle starts all over again.



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