(ETH) – Giant hailstones the size of grapefruits reportedly pummeled parts of north-central Texas and left accumulations up to 76 cm (3 inches) on the ground.

According to the report, The storm that produced this giant hail caused extensive damage to properties, leaving many windows smashed and vehicles damaged in its path. Dozens of reports came in describing damage to property and smashed windshields and dented vehicles according to The National Weather Service.


This hail was even deemed “gorilla” hail because of its size and stated that it was remarkable not only because of its size but also because it accumulated up to 76 mm (3 inches) on the ground, particularly in Llano, where the largest hail was reported.

The term ‘gorilla hail’ was coined by storm chaser Reed Timmer, who met the storm west of Llano. Timmer shared footage of himself driving through the destructive storm with a broken windshield as he called it one of the ‘top 5 most intense hail cores’ he has encountered.


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