(Israel365News) – A group of prominent rabbis sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, requesting that a Passover offering be allowed on the Temple Mount. To the esteemed Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu,

We bless you that you should have great success in the upcoming elections. May it be the will of the Lord of all, whose Holy presence dwells in Zion and whose chosen city is Jerusalem, that you should continue to lead the State of Israel and the people of Israel in the coming years for good.

The harassment of you personally and the people of Israel in general by internal and external parties such as the criminal court in The Hague requires that harassment of all types be put in its place. This can be done through a statement and action that signals to all governments, friends, enemies, and all parties competing in the elections where Israel has been heading since the dawn of history.


We are going to worship God, the God of Israel, the Creator of the world in the place that God has chosen. From there comes light and instruction to the whole world. Law, justice and law, love and kindness. The duty of worship and the right of worship of the people of Israel as in the days of the Exodus from Egypt is the clearest expression of the Exodus of the people of Israel into the world of freedom. READ MORE

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