(OPINION) Israel365News – An esoteric source based on 800-year-old sources uses precise methods to reveal a Torah code claiming that this month before the pandemic fades, war, involving the US, will break out between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This pan-global conflict will bring great strife and darkness into the world but through the darkness, the “candle of the Messiah” will be revealed.

The Hebrew-language Kabbalah blog, Sod 1820, revealed a precise description of current events in Yalkut Yishayau, a book based on Chabad Hasidut published in 1939 in Brooklyn. This section of the Yalkut Yishayahu was based on a section of the Yalkut Shimoni, a compilation of rabbinic commentary on the Bible believed to have been composed in the 13th century.

In the Yalkut Yeshayahu, it is written: “Rabbi Yitzchak said ‘In the year that the Messiah will be revealed, all of the leaders of the nations will provoke each other; the king of Persia will provoke the king of Arabia, and the king of Arabia will go to Edom to receive advice from them.


And the king of Persia will go and destroy the entire world, and all the nations of the world will shake and panic and fall on their faces and feel contractions like those of giving birth, and Israel will shake and panic and ask ‘Where will we go?’. And [God} will sway to them, ‘My children, do not fear, because everything I did, I did for you. Why are you afraid? Don’t be afraid. The time has come for your redemption.’” READ MORE

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