(OPINION) CP – A granddaughter of the Rev. Billy Graham, Jerushah Duford, said she is voting for Joe Biden this upcoming election despite her pro-life views and accused President Donald Trump of trying “to hijack our faith for votes.”


“I spent the better part of my life watching my grandfather look to the example of Jesus to how to conduct himself how to treat people,” Duford, whose mother Gigi Graham is the eldest child of Billy and Ruth Graham, said in a recent interview. “Scripture talks about doing justly, loving mercy, walking humbly, and these are tenants of our faith that I do not believe our president demonstrates in any way.”


Duford, who recently joined the Lincoln Project’s women coalition to advocate against President Trump’s reelection, stressed that she’s not “looking for a savior” — “We have a savior,” she said — nor does she believe the president has to share her faith.

“However, [Trump’s] attempt to hijack our faith for votes and the evangelical leaders’ silence on his actions and behavior has presented a picture of what our faith looks like that is so erroneous, it’s done significant damage to the way people view Jesus.”

Duford also condemned what she sees as “silence from some church and evangelical leaders” regarding “Trump’s treatment of the marginalized communities” and his “objectifying of women.” This silence, she said, has “done enormous, enormous damage to the way people view our faith.” She claimed that over the last few months, “thousands” of people have asked her how a church that adheres to the teachings of Jesus can support Trump. MORE

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