(TheBlaze) – Some residents in Clackamas County, Oregon, have taken to posting roadside signs warning potential lawbreakers that if they’re caught looting or setting fires, they may find themselves facing the wrong end of a gun — and feeling the pain of a bullet.


KPTV-TV’s lead news photographer Devin Eskew encountered a number of such warning signs as the state battles huge wildfires: While KPTV-TV reported on the posted warning signs and the Riverside Fire’s devastation,


the station didn’t speak to locals who might have reactions to the messages on the signs in Estacada and Colton. But folks reacting on Twitter to Eskew’s photos of the signs had a few things to say. Some were flat-out against the signs:

  • “I say, let their da*** houses burn,” one commenter said. “These guys won’t be missed. #LetTheMAGAtsDie. (I used to be a much kinder person before Trump…)”
  • “Those white trash losers don’t even own anything worth looting,” another commenter wrote.

It seemed, however, that quite a few more users were in support of the signs:

  • “I support this completely,” one commenter countered. “If these lawless criminals can bend the law and do what they want, so can everyone else.”
  • “Anybody who would loot peoples’ homes during a wildfire emergency is a pretty terrible human,” another commenter added. “As for them putting up signs warning those same trash humans away, guess they can’t say they weren’t warned.”
  • “ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT,” another commenter said. “Anyone caught should be dealt with appropriately. We all know the Dems would just say, ‘Poor non-gender [person] needs things, too. Be nice to it and talk to it; it will come around.’ Do what needs to be done to protect your homes.” READ MORE

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