(OPINION) ETH – Best selling author and speaker Jonathan Cahn who is widely known for his book “The Harbinger” was recently interviewed by Pat Robertson on the 700 Club. Robertson interviewed Cahn regarding his latest sequel The Harbinger II: The Return which was released nationwide on Tuesday and if the current global COVID pandemic, 9-11, and the financial collapse all be connected to an ancient mystery revealed in the Harbinger and what could be in store for the future of America?


Cahn responded with: “Since I wrote The Harbinger, I knew there was more and that was the beginning of a template or a mystery of judgment. And it has continued to this day and what we are experiencing now,” he said. Cahn explained that about a year ago, he was praying and his inspiration for the book came.


“I had a very strong sense that this year was going to be a year of shaking – 2020.  I told people about it. I spoke publicly that I had to write this book because this was going to be the resuming of the mystery of the harbinger – the shakings that are coming upon America,” he said.  First, there is a template of judgment, Cahn said. There is a shaking. There is an attack on the land. “This is a biblical template. It happened with America with 9-11.

Then there is a window of time that the nation’s given, years to come back to God or head to judgment. And if it doesn’t come back, then the shakings continue,” he said.  “There is this moment that we’re in right now that is very, very crucial,” Cahn noted. “Because I believe it’s critical. We are on the cusp of something very gigantic.

So it’s going to reveal, are we approaching judgment? How much time do we have? What do we need to know for the days ahead? And so The Harbinger II is going to open up that. It’s things that I have not revealed before, that go all the way from 9-11 to the things that are affecting us now to what’s happened since The Harbinger came out.”

“Have the harbingers continued?” he asked. “Well, they have. And then, where we are right now. Is there a mystery behind it? And is there hope? That’s what The Harbinger II is going to open up. Cahn explained why 9-11 was so important at this current moment, He explained: “When you look at the original template in the Bible, the warning of a nation is the strike that comes on the land.

And it’s a wake-up call” “When God starts warning a nation of judgment, he allows the powers of that nation to be shaken, and actually takes the nation to its foundation,” he explained. “What was the foundation of America as a military superpower? It really rose in 1941 when it entered the war and it never has stopped. At the same moment, it entered the war, a building was built which is the Pentagon, which has represented that.

When was the Pentagon built? The Pentagon was born or birthed on Sept. 11 – the very day – in 1941. It had replaced a building known as the War Department that had existed for 60 years.” “If you take the day that the Pentagon was begun and add the 60 years, it comes to Sept. 11, 2001. And it wasn’t just that,” Cahn continued. “Even the rise of America’s economic power, where did that focus on? New York City. When did New York City begin?

When was that planted? When Henry Hudson discovered it. What day was it?  September 11.  The rise of America’s economic power, the rise of its military power, and the warning are that these are symbols of something to come that if America does not come back to God, its powers will be shaken, will crumble.” Cahn also shared with Robertson that “Just days before 9-11, there was an appointed word,” Cahn said.

“In the synagogues, they open up the scrolls, and from the words that are appointed from ancient times. The word that was appointed just before 9-11 was the word of warning when God is talking about a nation that has been blessed by the blessings of God and it turns away, he says, ‘These things are going to come upon you.’ And it begins, it says that an enemy from far away is going to come and strike you at your gate.

The gate of America is New York. It says the enemy will come like an eagle, swooping down. Literally, 9-11 happened that way too. It’s a classic sign of the beginning of judgment.”  “And on that first plane that began 9-11, there was actually an image on the back and it was the image of an eagle swooping down,” he added. 

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