(OPINION) Jamie Morgan – God always warns the body of Christ when the devil is planning something against us. In this era, He is sounding an alarm to warn us of a coming move of the enemy that will target lukewarm, worldly, and carnal Christians.

Recently, in my church’s midweek corporate prayer meeting, the Lord gave me a vision. In the vision, I saw a dark, foreboding sky as if a storm were brewing. I knew this represented trouble on the horizon. The enemy was building momentum to strike.

I then saw vultures circling the earth. Vultures are scavengers that are stealthy in stalking their prey. They have a keen sense of knowing when an animal is weak, sick, and unhealthy; they can smell the stench of disease and death. After vultures attack, they ravage their prey until only the carcass is left.


In my vision, vultures represented demonic spirits whose assignment was defeat and destruction. As the vision continued, I saw the vultures circling over the body of Christ, specifically targeting lukewarm, worldly, and carnal Christians.

They were searching for Christians who refused to repent of the things of this world, who were not fully surrendered to God and who were spiritually weak. The Lord made it clear that the agenda of Satan in this hour is to bring destruction to the body of Christ by attacking Christians who can’t tear themselves away from the things of this world. CONTINUE


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