(ETH) – Several Christian leaders, including prominent conservative evangelicals, have recently come out and denounced the conspiracy theory movement gaining traction in conservative circles known as QAnon.

QAnon was created by an anonymous online figure in 2017 and claims that President Donald Trump is in a war with a “Deep State” government, battling entities like elitist pedophile rings and satanism. According to The Christian Post, The conspiracy alleges that a Satan-worshipping “deep state” faction that includes A-list celebrities is working to defeat Trump and engage in child sex abuse.

These QAnon conspiracy theories have gained traction and growing support among some evangelical churchgoers and other mostly conservative communities but have also gained notable supporters such as a Georgia congressional candidate and a U.S. Senate candidate in Oregon.


QAnon has even been addressed by Vice President Mike Pence in an interview on CBS’ “CBS This Morning.”  In the recent interview Pence stated that he does not “know anything about QAnon.” “And I dismiss it out of hand,” Pence added, decrying the fact that he had to spend time “on a major network to talk about some conspiracy online theory.”

Multiple Christian leaders, including Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler Jr., have come out opposing the growing support of QAnon. On a recent podcast, from Mohler called “The Briefing,” Mohler compared QAnon and conspiracy theories in general to the early church heresy of Gnosticism.

“Gnosticism is the belief that only a few, an elite, a privileged few are able to see, have inside information,” explained Mohler. “The ancient Gnostics believed in one way or another that this particular secret knowledge was the key to salvation or illumination, or whatever would be the promise of this particular information.”

“Christianity has nothing to do with the secret truth. It has everything to do with a public Gospel,” the theologian added. “Christians don’t have secret beliefs we hide from the world. We’re not saved because we have come to some secret knowledge.” Another Christian leader, Author, and pastor Joe Carter recently denounced QAnon in a column published by The Gospel Coalition in May and labeled QAnon a “political cult” and “satanic movement” that “poses [a threat] to the global church.

“The QAnon movement frequently engages in slander, which James calls demonic behavior (James 3:15–16). The QAnon movement often traffics in lies, which Jesus says are associated with Satan. The QAnon movement repeatedly sides with demonically inspired falsehoods that divide professed Christians from faithful believers,” wrote Carter.

“And the QAnon movement has a tendency to call evil that which is good, and good that which is evil, and to put darkness for light, and light for darkness (Isa. 5:20). As a movement of Satan, QAnon is incompatible with Christianity.” Carter even warned Christians to “work to guard those who would fall for such deceptions” and to “plead” with QAnon supporters within the church “to return to the faith.” “It is neither too early nor too late for Christians to launch a counterattack on the demonic influence of QAnon,” he concluded.


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