(Yahoo) – What forecasters say is shaping up to be the worst heat wave in several years caused rolling blackouts Friday due to power shortages and is setting up dangerous conditions across California.


The power crisis was caused in part by the coronavirus restrictions, which have closed movie theaters, malls and other locations where people would typically gather to beat the heat. Concerns about outbreaks have kept many inside their homes with the air conditioning on,


The broiling conditions that began Friday may rival the deadly seven-day heat event of July 2006, the National Weather Service said.

The valleys, mountains and deserts of Southern California are likely to see both daytime and nighttime temperatures challenge records through at least Thursday,

and elevated humidity will make conditions feel two to five degrees warmer during the day.“People really need to take it seriously,” said Kathy Hoxsie, a meteorologist with the weather service in Oxnard. “Drink a lot of water. Find shade.” READ MORE

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