(OPINION) Michael Snyder – As I have warned many times before, life is not going to be getting back to normal any time soon. The state of California just instituted a whole bunch of new COVID-19 restrictions, and the California Department of Health has confirmed that as a result of those new restrictions all in-person church gatherings have been banned “with no definite end date”.


Of course, many churches will continue to have online services, but it just isn’t the same. And with greatly reduced revenues coming in for the foreseeable future, a lot of smaller churches may not be able to survive. It is one thing to lock down a state for a few weeks so that hospitals do not get completely overwhelmed during a pandemic, but it looks like California may be locked down for months to come, and some are even speculating that the restrictions could stretch into next year.


When the new restrictions were put into place, a lot of people didn’t understand that they included church services too.  Sadly, the California Department of Health has made it clear that no “indoor religious services” will be permitted… The California Department of Health clarified Tuesday to the Daily Caller News Foundation that indoor religious services in the state have been suspended with no definite end date.

Over four months after California initially instituted a lockdown on March 19, the state issued a new coronavirus order Monday that rolled back reopening plans. The order mandates that restaurants, bars, churches, fitness centers, hair salons, and barbershops must be closed in 30 of the hardest-hit counties in California.

Each week, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. has continued to rise, and at this point, it appears unlikely that the state of California will lift these new restrictions any time soon. That also means that there won’t be any crowds at sporting events in the state for the foreseeable future either. CONTINUE

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