(OPINION) Charisma – Jeremiah Johnson is a relatively young man but has remarkably accurate prophetic gifts. I did an article and podcast earlier this year with him about the coronavirus pandemic.

With the unrest in our country, Jeremiah says he’s been in deep intercession and had a dream and vision that he believes gives us insight into the spiritual realm. When I learned he had shared this on Facebook, I invited him to my Strang Report podcast.

In the vision, he describes a demon manifested in a strange way and says evil spirits have come to disrupt systems, divert attention and release chaos—first with the novel Chinese coronavirus and then with the anger that has come with the tragic murder of George Floyd and the unrest it unleashed. This act released fear throughout the world, but Jeremiah says the real culprit behind it all is a spirit of fear.

Jeremiah believes the world is being held hostage by demonic forces preparing the way for the man of lawlessness. He says much of the deception in the media is a diversion from God’s plans for this generation. READ MORE

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