(OPINION) ETH – A Bible expert is warning that the final world war will take place in the hills of Jerusalem where the Antichrist will attempt to set up his final empire on Earth. According to Express, College professor and public speaker Tom Meyer is claiming that this final battle known as “Armageddon” in the Bible will transpire in the end days, and will transpire during the end of a seven-year period known as the “Great Tribulation’.

The exact location of this final battle known as the “Battle of Armageddon’, has long been debated by many biblical scholars over when and where the conflict will actually unfold. However, Meyer claims that there are historical and biblical clues that shed light on the matter.

According to the professor, “Revelation 16:16 points out the final destination of the last world war. “Led by the Antichrist, all the nations of the world will gather to Armageddon with hopes of finally eliminating the Jewish people, who are Meyer claims will be the final stumbling block to establishing the Antichrist’s worldwide empire.


“This battle can conceivably happen in your lifetime, plausibly seven years from now.” Meyer goes on to claim that the battle of Armageddon will take place in the final days of the Great Tribulation, which itself will begin with the Rapture.

In regards to the rapture of the Church, Professor Meyer claims it is impossible to predict when the Rapture will happen and how long it will be between the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation. But John the Apostle, who penned the Bible’s Book of Revelation, predicts the battle will precede Jesus Christ’s 1,000-year reign on Earth. John wrote in his epistle that the battle will take place in a location called Armageddon or Har-Mageddon in Hebrew.

Professor Meyer states that “Har-Mageddon is an actual place. Even though the Book of Revelation was written in Koine or ‘common’ Greek, John states in Revelation 16:16 that the original word and meaning for Har-Mageddon is in Hebrew. He states that “This reveals to us that it is the Hebrew form that counts in this context, not Greek, not English, nor any other language.”

Professor Meyer goes to state that the site of ancient Megiddo in the Valley of Jezreel in the Galilee is not Armageddon and will be the precise location where the war or wars will take place in the future. Professor Meyer said:

“The first part of the Hebrew name, Har-Mageddon, helps us to identify its geographical location; ‘Har’ is a common Hebrew word that means a ‘hill’ or ‘mountain’. “Quite simply because the ancient site of Megiddo is not a har but a tel, and the author John, who grew up in the Galilee, would have known that.


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