OPINION (CBN) – A growing number of states have banned elective surgeries in order to focus all resources on fighting the COVID-19 virus. Some abortion providers and states, however, have determined abortion to be an essential procedure. New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington state governors have all decreed abortion is an essential need, exempting it from any ban. Delma Catalina Limones of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas applauded those states, saying,

We know that abortion is an essential health care. It is a procedure where time is of the essence.” On the flip side, Mallory Quigley of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List questions the decision and points to the politics of abortion.  “It’s frustrating to see pro-abortion states stay so focused on abortion,” Quigley told CBN News.

“They’ve put such an emphasis on the taking of an unborn human life, and I think it speaks to the stranglehold that the abortion lobby has on so many in our nation’s governments across the country.” The pro-life Family Research Council tweeted, “The last thing we need right now is to tie up hospitals with life-threatening complications from surgical and chemical abortions.”  Meanwhile, Texas, Ohio, Mississippi, Maryland, Tennessee, and Louisiana are insisting abortions stop in their states, so clinics’ medical gear can go to fighting the pandemic. READ MORE

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