(Daily Mail) – The US set a grim global record on Saturday with the number of deaths from coronavirus leaping by 1,497 in just one day taking the death toll past 8,500. Almost half of the day’s fatalities were in New York City, where the death toll reached 2,624 and hospital corridors were littered with body bags containing the latest victims.

The US death toll skyrocketed to 8,503 by the end of Saturday, and the number of cases surged by 33,324 leaving 311,632 Americans infected by the killer virus. This marks the highest number of infections anywhere in the world. While the death toll in Italy (15,362) and Spain (11,947) is still higher, the US now dwarfs the hard-hit European nations’ infections, with both Italy (124,632) and Spain (126,168) reporting only around a third of the number of infections across the US.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned that the pandemic is ‘like a fire spreading’, as his state continues to be ravaged and ruined by the crisis. The US’ epicenter for the outbreak is yet to reach its ‘apex’ but its hospitals and morgues are near breaking point already. New York state’s death toll surged to 3,565 Saturday as another 788 New Yorkers died from the virus, marking the biggest one-day toll there yet.  The number of new cases in the state reached 10,675 and the total number of infections topped 113,833, higher than the number of infections in the whole of hard-hit Spain. READ MORE

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