(ETH) – According to IBT, NASA is warning that an asteroid nearly the size of the Statue of Liberty will approach Earth tomorrow morning and that if the asteroid were to strike the planet, there’s a chance that it might cause an impact event.  The report indicated that NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), has stated that the approaching asteroid is known as 2020 BJ1.

The asteroid is currently flying towards Earth at an average speed of almost 25,000 miles per hour. With an estimated diameter of 282 feet, it is wider than the wingspan of a Boeing 747 airplane. The report states that:

“Based on CNEOS’ projection of the asteroid’s trajectory, 2020 BJ1’s orbit crosses the paths of a couple of planets in the Solar System such as Mars and Earth. The asteroid’s near-Earth intersection usually occurs as it approaches its closest point from the Sun. If the asteroid collides with Earth during its close-Earth approaches, it could cause a minor impact event on the planet. Given its size and current speed, there’s a strong chance that the asteroid could penetrate Earth’s atmosphere.”



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