OPINION (Charisma) – We’ve gone extreme in deliverance with people believing there is a demon around every bush. The demonic realm is real, but we can’t blame everything on a demon. We too must take responsibility for our actions and problems. If we want people and the church as a whole to embrace the ministry of deliverance, we need to bring forth balance in the ministry of deliverance.

There seems to be two sides to the spectrum—people either believe everything is demonic, or nothing is demonic. This division has separated believers, closed pastors off to deliverance ministry and left people in demonic bondage. We shouldn’t continue to argue about our stances but embrace the very ministry Jesus came to model for us.

We live in a world where spiritual warfare does exist. I think we could all say we’ve had some unexplainable struggles. However, we are also responsible for some of the negative things that have happened to us as a result of wrong choices or bad decisions.

It is unwise to blame everything on a demon or a spiritual attack. We must take responsibility for our own actions, but even more so, when we are demonically focused we are living an unbalanced spiritual life. One that can pull and draw us down a dark road. When we are always focused on the dark side we can feel victimized and defeated.

My goal is to bring balance back into the ministry of deliverance, while at the same time exposing the enemy. Jesus came to expose the powers of darkness, and if we don’t continue to do the work He did by revealing the enemy, how can we go forth and cast out demons as His Word says? CONTINUE

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