OPINION (Charisma) – I got a shock today that disrupted my typically calm and rejuvenating morning walk. While praising God and enjoying the breathtaking autumn splendor, suddenly I saw a skull and hand bones piercing up out of the ground! Witches, tombstones, ghosts, spiders and snakes—all decorating someone’s front lawn! Triggered and repulsed, I ran as fast as I could. Why do people think death and evil are fun, or humorous or worth celebrating? Do they not believe it is real, or do they just truly love it?

Personally, I enjoy dressing up and having fun. One of my most memorable Halloween costumes was in college when I dressed up as a sassy space alien, complete with green food coloring on my face. Smashing success and great fun—until I went to wash my face that night. Oops! I had to go back to school the next day with a lot of explaining to do. (Fun fact: Food coloring is as effective as using a Sharpie.)

Unfortunately, this holiday is an opportunity for many to feature the occult, death, evil, blood, skeletons, graveyards and numerous other ghoulish horrors. The exact opposite of all that we as Christ-followers celebrate every spring at Easter! The contrast is stark: evil versus good, death versus life, darkness versus light, deception versus truth, sadness versus joy, despair versus hope, fear versus peace and Satan versus Jesus. READ MORE

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