(Charisma) – Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee enraged atheists when he invited the entire state of Tennessee to join him for a day of prayer on Thursday, Oct. 10. Lee shared a proclamation, declaring Thursday to be a “Day of Prayer, Humility and Fasting”: “The people of Tennessee acknowledge our rich blessings, our deep transgressions, and our complex challenges, and further acknowledge the need to give thanks to God Almighty, to turn from our transgressions and ask God’s forgiveness, and to humble ourselves and seek God’s wisdom and guidance.” On a video posted to Twitter, Lee shared why he and his wife, Maria, were determined to lead the state in a day of voluntary prayer:

“On that day, Maria and I will offer prayers for healing, prayers for forgiveness, prayers of thanksgiving and prayers of hope for our state,” Gov. Lee said on Twitter. “… We know that prayer accomplishes much. Prayer strengthens our families and it strengthens our communities. It strengthens our relationship with our neighbors. It strengthens our relationship with God himself.” A number of churches responded to Lee’s call to prayer, including Crieve Hall Church of Christ in Nashville, World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro and Grace Chapel in Williamson County, which is where Lee attends. Cultural commentator Larry Tomczak says he participated in the event and reports that thousands of people humbled themselves in prayer: READ MORE


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