(CBN) – A mother who insists she would have aborted her baby if she’d known it had Down Syndrome is suing the hospital that she says failed to adequately test for the condition. British citizen Edyta Mordel, 33, said she instructed doctors to carry out the tests which would have determined that her baby had the condition. But the National Health Service denies this, arguing that, while initially, she showed a desire

for the screening, the expectant mother later refused to undergo the tests at the 12-week scan — something she went on to “bitterly regret” following her son’s birth and diagnosis. The refusal was recorded in Ms. Mordel’s official patient notes. Alleged incidences like this are controversially named, “wrongful birth” cases and can result in massive payouts on behalf of the NHS. The NHS Litigation Authority has paid some £70million to parents in “wrongful birth” suits over just five years. READ MORE

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