(FW) – A Filipino actress whose mother was killed in cold blood has forgiven the man who committed the heinous crime. In an interview with ABS-CBN, the Philippines largest news network, Cherry Pie Picache opened up about how her Christian faith has enabled her to offer forgiveness to the killer. Michael Flores confessed to the killing of 75-year-old Zenaida Sison at her home back in 2014. High on methamphetamines, Flores broke into the house early one morning and stabbed Sison to death. Picache,

who spoke candidly about her faith in Jesus, has released a documentary about making amends with her mother’s killer, called “Radical Love.” So how did the actress first entertain the idea that she could forgive the criminal? “I was asking for forgiveness, I still sin everyday!” she told the network. “I’ve realized, how can I possibly ask for forgiveness when I cannot forgive.. if there is so much hatred and pain in my heart. So that’s the thing that led me to think about forgiving,” READ MORE


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