OPINION (CP) – The head of a persecution watchdog has accused the American church of “whistling through the graveyard” of persecuted Christians and caring more about “college entrance scandals and ‘Game of Thrones’” than those systematically murdered for their faith. In a blistering op-ed for USA Today, David Curry, president of Open Doors USA, warned that global persecution is worsening, yet Christians continue to “slumber” despite such atrocities.

In Nigeria, for example, 3,731 Christians were killed last year, Curry said, adding: “If such violence had occurred in Nashville, Tennessee, rather than Nigeria, it would dominate nightly news broadcasts and saturate social media feeds.” “American churches would be launching fundraising campaigns for victims’ families and addressing it in their weekly gatherings,” he continued. “In this case, however, the American church has barely acknowledged it.” READ MORE

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