(CBN) – After almost 500 reports of wind damage and hail over the weekend, 42 million Americans were in the path of a storm Monday night. A front stretching from Texas to the northeast unleashed heavy rain, damaging winds, tornadoes and flooding. An EF-2 tornado with speeds up to 125 miles per hour ripped through South Bend, Indiana. Thankfully, no children were inside the Growing Kids Learning Center when the roof was ripped off. But authorities say the heavy rains did claim the life of an Oklahoma

woman who died after her car was swept into a creek. Residents in Jackson, Missouri are cleaning up after Sunday’s storm damaged virtually every neighborhood in the city. Floods also rolled through Missouri. Two kids in the town of Monett had to be rescued when they fell into fast-moving water. Lightning from this same system destroyed a home in Spring, Texas, and a dangerous lightning strike almost hit fans at an outdoor concert in Kansas. In Houston, the rains nearly cost a man his life. Highway traffic cameras were recording as first responders rescued him from rising waters. READ MORE

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